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High quality organic seed potatoes

The organic segment in food & agri is growing. HZPC wants to contribute pro-actively to this evolvement in light of our mission to contribute to the development of responsible food for a growing world population.

There is a continuous demand for good quality organic ware and seed potatoes. Our worldwide network created a solid base for the production and supply of organic potatoes.

Organic seed potatoes
The best quality of seed potatoes is an important starting point for a healthy crop. Therefore, HZPC Organic seed potatoes are grown by experienced growers and all potatoes are inspected and certified by the NAK and SKAL. We consider both growers and national and international trading companies as our customers.

We mainly focus on national and international trading and the import of organic ware potatoes from for example Israel or Southern Europe.

(Previously, our organic trade activities were carried out by the separate Bonna Terra BV.)